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~ Artist & Sculptor Susan Lynes ~

Sculpting and Casting Course

Lynes Custom Cowboy Co. offers a 4 week course taught by Bronze Artist, Susan Lynes and can take a beginner from creating the original wax model to the finished Bronze Sculpture.

Sculpting Tools
Learn how to turn THIS into....

Prairie Family - by artist Susan Lynes

Course Outline


2 weeks of instruction on creating an original wax model.
- Start with a slab of wax and learn to create a masterpiece, using your own imagination and creativity. All you need is an idea and I will show you the steps required to bring your idea into reality.


2 weeks of mold making, pouring wax reproductions, sprueing, ceramic shell casting and final finishing.

- Make a mold of your original so you can make limited edition reproductions.
- Pour you wax reproductions and chase them.
- Sprue the waxes and prepare for ceramic shell.
- Put a coating of ceramic shell on your wax reproduction.
- Place ceramic in kiln and burn out the wax.
- Pour molten bronze in ceramic shell.
- Remove ceramic material from the cooled bronze.
- Cut off sprues and clean up bronze.
- Weld in window if one is involved.
- Finish bronze and sandblast.
- Patina bronze and apply coat of paste wax.
- Polish wax and attach to wooden base if required.

The following is included in the course cost:

- Room and Board.
- Sculpting tools and all material to create your original wax model. (If taking 2 week Sculpting Course)
- Materials to make a mold of your original and wax to make reproduction.
- Material to make ceramic shell and bronze to cast your sculpture.
* Note - This is limited to a table top sculpture of medium size and does not include life size.
- Course hours are 8 hours per day and 5 days per week, but we work more then 8 hours per day so you can put in as much time as you like.

Course Cost is $3000.00 for the entire 4 week course or you can take either Part one or Part Two for $1500.00.

~ For more information, Contact us ~

See more of Susan's Artwork & Sculpture:



Lynes Custom Cowboy Co. Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.

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