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~ Silversmith Vernon Lynes ~

Handmade Bits

I like to think of my bits as extremely functional works of art. I strive to make the finest top quality bits for the discriminating horseperson. All my bits are designed and constructed for maximum horse acceptability, horse comfort and optimal performance. I do all I can to be a top quality Bit and Spur Maker, but only you and your horse can determine that!

Custom Bits from Lynes Custom Cowboy CoAll bits can be ordered plain or customized to your specifications. All mouthpieces are made of sweet iron with pure copper inlay to give the horse a moist and responsive mouth. Bit shanks can be made of cold rolled steel, which can be color finished, but will rust. Shanks can also be made of stainless steel which will not rust, but cannot be color finished.

The custom handmade bits on the following pages are samples of some of the work I have done. The prices will apply for the bit exactly as in the picture. If you prefer some changes, the price could be more or less depending upon the changes. I can also make any style of bit you may require and customize it in any way. Standard mouthpiece width is 5 1/8" but any width can be made. I believe a snaffle bit is the most important bit you'll ever own. I usually have 3 mouthpiece widths on hand in snaffle bits.

  • 4 3/4" - I find this is a good size for starting young horses
  • 5 1/8" - For the average mature horse
  • 5 3/8" - When you require a little extra width

*Note: Prices are shown in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping or applicable taxes. To convert to your currency, click here

[click images to view larger]

Spade Bit
New! - Style #28
Spade Bit
Silver inlaid
Silver buttons
Sweet iron mouthpiece
with Spanish spoon
Antique brown finish
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Full cheek snaffle
Style #1
Full cheek snaffle
Stainless steel D-Rings with Bronze 1/2 bead
Sweet iron mouthpiece
Pure copper inlaid
Sterling 1/2 bead berry on Antique brown butt
6" Bronze cheeks
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O-Ring cheek snaffle
Style #2
O-Ring snaffle
5/16" Stainless steel rings
Sweet iron mouthpiece
Pure copper inlaid
Antique brown butt
Sterling brand or Initial
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Medium Shank Bit
Style #27
Medium Shank Bit
Billy Allen mouthpiece
Sweet iron with copper inlaid
Cold rolled steel with antique brown finish
Sterling 1/2 bead berry trim
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Full Sterling Overlaid bit

Full Sterling Overlaid
Sweet iron mouthpiece
Fully hand engraved
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Full sterling silver overlay bit
Style #3
Full sterling silver overlay
2 1/2" concha - Metis Nation of Alberta logo
Canadian Museum of Civilization exhibit - "Legends of Our Times"
Short shanked curb bit
Style #4
Short shanked curb bit
Medium port mouthpiece, copper inlaid
Loose jawed shank
Brass overlaid
Sterling silver concha and plate on butt
Antique brown finish
Fully engraved
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