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About Bit & Spur Silversmith
Vernon Lynes

Vernon Lynes was born in Enderby, B.C., Canada and has been involved with horses most of his life.

He now lives in Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada where he shares a shop and studio with his wife Susan who is a Bronze Artist and Flatwork Artist.

Vernon has been Silvermithing and making Bits, Spurs and Buckles since 1988. In 1988 he took a 4 week Bit and Spur making course at Miller Bit and Spur in Nampa, Idaho. Under the watchful eye of master Bit and Spur maker, Elmer Miller and Instructor Gary Weber he got a good start on the road to where he is today.

Working with and knowing some top trainers, working cowboys, and horsepeople has given Vern an insight on what they require. Most importanly, working with the horses has taught him what the horse likes best and what works best to enable them to do the work required of them.

Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.
When making horse related products, his primary concern is the horse. All bits have sweet iron mouthpieces which taste good to the horse and they will readily accept them. Mouthpieces are pure copper inlaid to give the horse a moist and responsive mouth. The Bits are designed and constructed so they will not pinch or cause discomfort to the horse in any way. All Bits are perfectly balanced for optimal performance capabilities.

Spurs are constructed and balanced to stay in place on the rider's boots. For riders who have trouble with their spurs staying in place, Vernon has designed a Spur with a rolled edge on the bottom of the band. This edge slides in the groove between the boot heel and the boot. This keeps the Spur in place. (See Spurs.)

Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.
Vernon runs a 4 week Bit & Spur Making Course when his time allows him to. Please look at the Course Outline here online, and get in touch with him if you're interested. But remember what Vernon says "Working for yourself is great! You only have to work half a day and you can pick any 12 hours you like!"

Vernon is a Metis of Secwepeme (Shuswap) ancestry. He has one of his Silver Mounted Bits in the Aboriginal Exhibit, "Legends of Our Times", at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec.

Vernon's work has gone to many parts of the world.

See Vernon's Bits, Spurs, Buckles and more:









Lynes Custom Cowboy Co. Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.

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