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About Sculptor & Artist
Susan Lynes

Susan Lynes (nee Planger) was born in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada and from an early age was drawing and dreaming of being an artist.

Susan's art career began in 1983 when she went to work for a well known sculptor, Leon Levesque. She worked with Leon for seven years, learning how to make molds, do investment casting and how to finish the Bronzes after they were cast. After work she would take wax home and practice making horses and figures in her spare time.

Susan now lives in Bonnyville, Alberta, where she shares a studio and shop with her husband Vernon, who is a Bit & Spur Maker and Silversmith.

After extensive research of the subject, Susan creates the original in wax prior to casting in Bronze. When the originals are done she then has to make the molds of rubber and plaster. She went to Red Deer College to enable her to cast her own Bronzes. After the Bronzes are cast, Susan cleans up each piece and does the patinas (coloring) and final finishing. Vernon makes the bases and attaches the Bronzes.

Susan takes great pride in creating a Bronze from start to finish. Starting with a piece of wax and ending up with an exquisite Bronze gives her a real feeling of accomplishment. Susan believes that if you create a piece of art from start to finish, that a piece of her lives on in that piece forever. She also mats and frames her own artwork.

Some of Susan's favorite subjects are animals, especially horses and cows. She also likes to portray the Cowboys and Cowgirls of the past and present. She has done artwork of Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Bear, Cougar, Dogs, Cats, Birds, and many other subjects.

She has work in progress of Team Ropers, Cattle Penners, Cutters, Reiners, Working Cow Horses, Native Americans, and historical subjects such as the N.W.M.P. of the past and the R.C.M.P. of the present day.

Susan has done work for the Calgary Stampede Bronze Program and her work can be found in private collections around the world.

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